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muse_musings's Journal

26 March
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  • muse_musings@livejournal.com
This account is something of a central area to let me keep better track of the friends of my various muses. I may also use it for a few NPCs. If you find a character of yours friended by this journal, friend back or not as you like. I shouldn't be posting too much here.

My current list of muse accounts:

admiral_adama - Bill Adama (BSG 03)
oldmanmyass - An in the works, highly AU version of Bill Adama for a particular game
kia_holtz - Kia Holtz (BSG 03 OC, also working on strictly OC version)
sonofgranite - Ruairí MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, an AU version can be found at sonofthewind)
thehorseman - Anraí MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, mostly OC)
fey_fire - Rory Stone/Rory MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, mostly OC)
gifted_hands - Tadhg MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, mostly OC)
a_chaitlin - Caitlín MacEibhir (The Grey Horse OC)
marcusisaspaz - Liam MacEibhir (call him Grey Horse the Next Generation, way OC)
rina_evergreen - Rina Ashmuller (OC)
seahorse_beauty - Caoimhe aka Kiki (in the works Grey Horse the Next Gen OC)
skerry_selchie - Hoyd MacMurchadh (OC)
breaker_street - a collective journal for the members of Rory Stone's band, Breaker Street. Of course all five of them are now demanding individual LJ's ... *headdesk*
keyboard_sass - Sascha Brockmann (OC ... yes, one of them got one. *whimper*)
di_monty_pippin - Monty Pippin (Keen Eddie)
miz_keziah - Keziah Forrest (OC, same universe as sonofthewind)
c_for_caroline - Caroline Todd (Green Wing, not too active at present)

Over on IJ I also have Chelsea, Ross, Angie, Owen, Neri, Nate, Drew and Jim.

More may be added later. They do breed, don't they? ;)


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